A Gallery Show: Furniture by David Hurwitz, Paintings by Renee Bouchard

2011 August 22
by David

I’ve been meaning to post some photos from a gallery exhibit I did in July.  I showed my handmade furniture with paintings by my friend Renee Bouchard of Bennington, Vermont at Towle Hill Studio in Corinth, Vermont.

I had never shown my work exclusively with paintings before, and Renee had never shown her work with furniture.  It seemed to work really well, and it was interesting to see how the whole show came together as we hung the show.  I loved seeing my furniture with Renee’s work.  Different vignettes of paintings and furniture emerged, and it was interesting for both of us to see common threads in how our work related, whether through color, pattern, texture or forms.

Renee works in a really great variety of different materials.  She uses oil paints, watercolor, pen and ink, graphite, acrylics, metallic powders, and even little elements of collage in some pieces.  I really admire the fact that she pushes herself to explore all these different materials, and approaches taking creative risks fearlessly.

Renee had her work for this show reviewed in Art New England magazine!  It’s a nice review, and features a photo of one of her paintings.

I completed a new Large Walnut Taffy Mirror for this show.  It is 38″ wide x 23″ high x 2″ deep.  I will post it on my website soon, but for now a photo of it is featured below.

Special thanks to Mark and Lora Nielsen, owners and organizers of Towle Hill Studio and it’s annual series of artist exhibits, and to Jamie Franklin, for his curatorial expertise and patience in helping hang the show and all the many details leading up to it.

Here are the photos from the show:

(click images to enlarge)


David Hurwitz, Renee Bouchard, Towle Hill Studio, Vermont, handmade furniture, contemporary, carved, unique, custom, State of Craft Console Table

Postcard for the show


David Hurwitz, State of Craft Console Table, carved, Vermont, ash, contemporary, handcrafted, furniture, Renee Bouchard, Towle Hill Studio

State of Craft Console Table; paintings left to right: Parting of the Red Sea; Baptism; Luxe, calm, et volupté


David Hurwitz, Funky Shaker Hall Table, Yellow Taffy Lamp, carved, painted, wood, contemporary, handmade, furniutre, Renee Bouchard, Towel Hill Studio

Funky Shaker Hall Table and Yellow Taffy Lamp; paintings left to right: Monk; Woman and Child


Renee Bouchard, painter, Towle Hill Studio, Vermont

"Luxe, Calm, et Volupte" - featured in Art New England magazine


Renee Bouchard, painter, Vermont, Towle Hill Studio

Magic Swirling Ship




Large Walnut Taffy Mirror, carved, walnut, contemporary, custom, handmade, furniture, David Hurwitz, Vermont, Renee Bouchard

Self-Portrait as Madonna; Large Walnut Taffy Mirror


Cherry and Ash Console Table, David Hurwitz, handcrafted, custom, contemporary, furniture, Vermont, Renee Bouchard, Towle Hill Studio

Cherry and Ash Console Table and Cherry Taffy Lamp; paintings left to right: Thaw; No Birds, No leaves, No Sun, November!


Poodle Table, David Hurwitz, furniture, carved, painted, contemporary, transitional, unique, funky, Renee Bouchard, Towle Hille Studio

Poodle Table; paintings left to right: Primordial Landscape; Apotheosis of the Bird I Killed


Renee Bouchard, painting, Vermont, Towle Hill Studio

Man of the Mountain; Three-Faced Man



David Hurwitz, woodworking, Renee Bouchard, paintings, Vermont, Towle Hille Studio


David Hurwitz, woodworking, Renee Bouchard, paintings, Vermont, Towle Hille Studio


Haviland's Privilege; Self-Portrait as Madonna






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