Penofin Verde green outdoor wood finish Partner Page feature

2015 May 16
by David

Penofin Verde is an Earth friendly wood finish made in California from 100% sustainably produced natural oil from the pod of the Brazillian rosewood tree.  It’s a petroleum free oil finish with no heavy metal compounds, no odor, and no offensive fumes.  It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.  I tried it on an outdoor bench in carved white oak, that I made for the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont.  I also tried it recently on a birdhouse with carved cherry roof, which I made for a show at the Wharton Esherick Museum.  I was very pleased with this finish.  It’s very easy to work with, has no smell or nasty solvents to worry about, and it brought out the full warmth, depth and richness of color in the wood.

The folks at the Penofin headquarters in California have added me to their Partner Program, and have added a page to their website featuring my work.  They have also featured my work on their facebook and twitter pages.  If you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable furniture piece in sustainably harvested wood with a Penofin Verde finish, give me a call and let’s talk.


Outdoor bench featured on Penofin facebook page


Here’s some photos of the outdoor bench and the birdhouse:


Penofin Verde, sustainable, green finish, outdoor bench, outdoor furniture, custom outdoor furniture, white oak bench, carved white oak, David Hurwitz Originals, Randolph, Vermont

Outdoor Bench in carved white oak with Penofin Verde finish


Penofin Verde, earth friendly finish, custom outoor furniture, sustainable wood, NH white oak, New Hampshire white oak, David Hurwitz Originals, Randolph, Vermontd


Penofin Verde, exterior eco friendly finish, custom outdoor furniture, sustainable wood, David Hurwitz Originals, Randolph, Vermont


Penofin Verde enviromentally friendly green finish, custom handmade birdhouse, modern birdhouse, David Hurwitz Originals, Randolph, Vermont,

Solar Birdhouse – carved cherry roof finished with Penofin Verde, lexan bubble skylight


Penofin Verde, earth friendly finish, birdhouse by David Hurwitz Originals, Randolph, Vermont

Furniture and accessories made with sustainable wood and finishes

Designed and made in Vermont

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