New lamp shade for carved cherry lamp design

2012 February 23
by David

I have been making my handmade, contemporary, carved lamps since the mid 1990’s.  I used to wrap the shade in handmade paper, but the size of the available papers I was using limited the size of the shade.  In the past few years I started making the bases a little wider and heavier.  That made them a little more substantial and less top heavy, which works much better, but that has also made the previous shade size feel a little too small.  After searching far and wide for a better shade to go with the base, I have found this one, in the photo below.  It seems to work better than the previous shades.  But as interior designer Lisa Laberge of Dorset, Vermont told me, picking out a lamp shade for a lamp is like picking out a hat.  Everyone has different tastes in hats, and so it goes with lamp shades.  I will gladly sell any of my lamp base designs without the shade (and credit the price) in the event you have another shade you would prefer to use with it.  I can also make my lamp bases to custom sizes to fit a specific shade size.


Carved Cherry Lamp by David Hurwitz, custom, contemporary, handmade, one of a kind, lamps, lighting, green design, FSC, handcrafted, fine woodworking, made in Vermont, made in USA

Carved Cherry Lamp in FSC certified cherry, 28" high x 16" diameter.

Visit the lamps page on my website to see other examples of my lamps.

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